AKALI Car Body Nano Coating

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    Car body Nano Coating - Protects Car paint better than ever


    • 20L :wholesales package

    Key Features

    The Nano-coating uses Nano Silica (SiO2) to protect car paint from various environmental damages, namely acid rain, cleaning agents, scratching, UV radiation, and air pollution. After applying onto car body, it creates a vapor-permeable and transparent nanofilm with non-stick and easy-to-clean properties. The product composes of inorganic materials treated with special nanotechnology and bonds chemically with glass. Additionally, it provides resistance against wear, chemicals, heat and UV light.

    Step 1 : Remove car wax and foreign substances completely, then clean car body
    Step 2 : Spray the product evenly on body surface and wait for 5-10 minutes (until agent dries)
    Step 3 : Gently polish surface in a circular motion with a microfiber or linen cloth. The coating will be completely hardened and ready for use or testing after 24 hours.

    Coverage Rate  :      7mL/ m2 (sqm),   

    Water and oil repelling properties
    Protects car paint from environmental corrosion
    Heat resistance, Chemical resistance
    Easy coating and re-coating process
    Long lasting protection – up to 2 years

    Main Export Market

    Indonesia ,Mainland China ,United States ,Viet Nam

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