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Fogging of surfaces is usually due to temperature differences and high humidity. When sudden changes of temperature occur, moisture condenses on window surfaces and forms mists which can reduce visibility and affect driving safety. The product is therefore ideal for smooth and non-absorbent surfaces (glass and PMMA) to prevent beading and fogging effects. After applying to glass, the transparent nanofilm provides excellent anti-fog protection. Moreover, AKALI Antifog is Semi-permanent property – up to 4 weeks in most conditions, and high efficiency with low quantity consumption (around 7mL/m2), plus easy coating and re-coating and it dries at room temperature without extra heating work or others.

Effective Anti-fog protection
Highly transparent
Easy coating and re-coating
Up to 4 weeks in most conditions
High efficiency with low quantity consumption

Step 1 : Make sure the surface is free of scratches and substances like dirt and oils 
Step 2 : Apply evenly onto the window surface, polish and wait for 10 minutes (until agent dries) 
Step 3 : If visible streaks remain after polish, gently re-polish the glass before dry 

Coating Coverage : 7mL/ m2 (sqm),

Interior car glass, windows of buildings, mirrors, glasses and helmet visors  

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