AKALI Nano Rain Repellent

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The product, with its new generation of Nana SiO2 technology and chemical formula, provides car glass with superior liquid and oil repelling qualities, making it non-stick and easy to clean. Upon contact with rain, the coating keeps the windshield clear of water residues and thereby greatly improves visibility and driving safety on rainy days. As the product bonds well with glass and has a Nano grade structure, it is not only highly durable but also invisible to the eye. Moreover, the coating is resistant against wear, chemicals, heat and UV light. 


Step 1 : Clean glass and spray the product evenly on the cleaned surface. 
Step 2 : Wait for 5-10 minutes (for the agent to dry). 
Step 3 : With microfiber or linen, polish surface gently in a circular motion. The coating will be completely hardened and ready for use and testing after 24 hours.

Coating Coverage        Manual :  7mL/ m2 (sqm)  


Windshields, windows and rearview mirrors

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