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Anti-Fog Spray for Car Interior Glass

Fogging of surfaces is due to temperature and humidity. When sudden changes in temperature occur, small pockets of moisture condense on the surface and cause hazy-white fog that scatter light. The product is designed for smooth and non-absorbent surfaces (glass and PMMA) to prevent that any water on the surface doesn’t bead up and create fog.  After coating the product on surface, it can create a transparent nano film to have strong anti-fogging effect.

Main Features

Strong anti-fogging effect

High transparency and no influence on the appearance of car glass

Easy to coat and re-coat (Dry at room temperature)

Semi-permanent effect  – up to 4 weeks in most conditions

High efficiency with low quantity consumption (Around 7mL/m2)

Green and Eco

Main Application : Car Interior glass,  building windows, Mirrors, Glasses, helmet visors

Coating Methods

Wide spreading (No polishing) with softly circular motion using a clean linen or microfiber cloth.

In case of visible streaks still on glass, it can be slightly (without pressure) re-polished after initial drying time.

The anti-fogging effect after an initial drying time of 10 minutes.

Prerequistie application : No abrasion, no contact with other substances.

Coating Coverage        7mL/ m2 (sqm), 

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