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Key Features

The anti-fouling Nano-coating provides waterproof and easy-clean surface protection for car interiors. Its Nano SiO2 particles create a clear, vapor-permeable and ultra-thin nanofilm (with a thickness of less than a hundred nanometer). Due to the coating's lotus effect properties, all types of contaminants can be easily removed. Additionally, the film is highly durable (washing endurance of up to 30 washes for the standard washing machine) and can withstand abrasion, chemical erosions, heat and UV radiation.

Highly water and oil repllent
Protection of fibers from the infiltration of dirt
Highly transparent no affect interior appearance
Easy coating and re-coating process
High durability – up to 3 years in most conditions

Step 1 : Clean the surface of car interior 
Step 2 : Spray the product evenly onto absorbent surfaces of car interior (until wet) 
Step 3 : The coating will be completely hardened and ready for use or testing after 24 hours. 

Coating Method
Manually : By wetting textiles (Spraying or dipping)
Industrially : By standard HVLP systems

Coating Coverage 30mL/ m2 (sqm),

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