Car Wheel Rim AntiFouling

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The product, based on nano-science, reduces the adhesion of dirt, mud, oil and various contaminants. Application to car wheel rims creates a transparent nanofilm that is non-stick and easy to clean. The coating uses inorganic materials treated with special nanotechnology and bonds chemically to surfaces. It provides long-lasting protection and resistance against abrasion, chemicals, heat and UV radiation. 

Protects car wheel rims from corrosion

Strong anti-stick properties – minimizes cleaning

Abrasion resistance

Easy coating and re-coating process

Long lasting protection – up to 2 years


Step 1 : Remove car wax and contaminants completely, then clean wheel rims 
Step 2 : Spray the product evenly on rims surface and wait for 5-10 minutes (until agent dries) 
Step 3 : Using a microfiber or linen cloth, gently polish surface in a circular motion. The coating will be completely hardened and ready for use or testing after 24 hours. 

Coverage Rate :      Manual :  7mL/ m2 (sqm)

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