Intimate Clothing Spray - 24/7 Antimicrobial and Deodorant Protect

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Key Features

Antimicrobial and Deodorant Intimate Clothing  Spray, mainly composed of nano silver ions, natural essence,  and de-ionized water,  is a green and healthcare agent, which can effectively inhibit  microorganisms (Bacteria, viruses, and fungi) and eliminate unpleasant smelly odor in the short time.  
Through nanotechnology and AKALI’s the-state-of-art formulation, the tiny particle of spray can be attached to the textile surface and have a longer term antimicrobial and deodorizing effect.

Main Features:

Antimicrobial (Anti-bacteria, Anti-viruses, Anti-Fungi)
Eliminate unpleasant smelly odor
Prevent body from infection
Colorless and high transparent
Longer term antimicrobial effect
Green and Eco friendly

How to Use:

Spray it on intimate clothing, underwear, cap, glove,  scarf, and socks. 

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