Mineral Stone Nano Coating

  • Made in:Taiwan
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Mineral Stone Nano Coating - Self Cleaning, Anti Fouling


  • Style:Liquid Coating
  • Use:Building Coating,Furniture Paint
  • 20L:wholesale package

Key Features

The strong SiO2-barrier coating is mainly used in the surface protection of mineral stones. When applied, most of its Nano SiO2 particles form a transparent nanofilm (with a thickness of around 100 nanometers) on the stone surface, but a portion of the particles would penetrate, providing in-depth surface protection. The film, with lotus effects, is self-cleaning and can greatly reduce cleaning cost and time. It is also highly resistant against abrasion, chemicals, heat and UV radiation.

Superior water repelling properties – Prevents streak marks and discoloration
Non-stick and easy-clean – Reduces cleaning time and cost
Reduces water residue, dirt build-up and corrosion
Protects surfaces from air pollutants – Prevents surface discoloration
Reduces mould, moss, fungi, and algae growth by reducing moisture on surfaces
High transparency and zero visual effects
Coating thickness of around 100nm – No formation of sticky silicon films
Heat resistance (up to 4000 C)
Chemical resistance (up to pH-value of 13)
Abrasion and UV resistance
Easy coating and re-coating process (hardens at room temperature. No additional energy or UV light required)
Long-lasting protection – up to 10 years in most conditions
Green and eco-friendly

Superior water repelling properties
Make Stone it self-clean
Abrasion and UV resistance
Easy coating and re-coating process
Long-lasting protection – up to 10 years

Main Export Market

Hong Kong ,Mainland China ,Taiwan ,Viet Nam

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