Windshield Rain Repellent - Nano Coating-30ML / BLISTER

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Hydrophobic Nano Coating for Car Glass

                      Invisible Wiper

The product is made by a new generation of Nano SiO2 and special chemical formulation to provide car glass hydrophobic, oleophobic, and non-stick (easy clean) properties.  Driving in the rain, it can  keep windshield fairly clean and highly increase visibility and driving safety. Due to  having  solid chemical bonding with glass substrate and  a special nano grade surface structure, the coating is highly durable and invisible. Moreover, it can withstand abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and UV radiation resistance.

Main Features

Hydrophobic and oleophobic properties
Increase visibility and drive safety during raining time.

Can be used as invisible wiper during driving speed > 60km/hour

Strong non-stick property – Easy clean and save cleaning time.

High transparency and no influence on the appearance of car glass

Chemical resistance (up to  pH-value of 13)

Abrasion resistance

High Temperature resistance (up to 4000 C)

Easy coat and re-coat (Hardening at room temperature. No additional energy or UV light required)
Highly durability (Lifetime can be up to 2 years)

Green and Eco

Main Application

Main applications are  windshield,  Window, Rearview Mirror.

Coating Coverage        Manual :  7mL/ m2 (sqm),   

Simple Coating Method

Step 1 :  Clean glass and Spray the product evenly on cleaned glass

Step 2 :  Wait for 5-10 minutes (agent close to dry)

Step 3 :  Apply microfiber or linen to polish surface softly with circular motion

               After 24 hours, the coating completely hardened and can be used and tested

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